I am a graduate of the Integrated Media program at OCAD University, I grew up in the suburbs of Toronto, Ontario and have worked extensively on finding my voice and shaping my identity. But this is not a process that has some final conclusion to it, we are always shaping and molding ourselves as we grow and learn and I am love to express these thoughts and stories through creative work. I mainly work in TV and Film, immersive installations, and photography in order to make sense of the world around me.
I want to further push myself to explore new areas of interest and adapt to modern problems to create work that I am proud of and willing to share. I have strong passions to bring stories to the forefront that actually depict the wide horizons of the human experience and investigate the infinite realms of existence. I mainly work with themes regarding the sublime, time and space, queer narratives, and natural environments. There is inspiration all around us and all it takes is a moment of stillness to feel the most alive and present in your body. Join me on this journey as I tackle personal and vulnerable fears and anxieties in hopes of connecting with one another and to fully feel the weight of what it means to be alive.
Reliable, Energetic, Outgoing, Client-Facing Demeanor, Team Player, Social, Honest, Focused, Organized, Productive Multitasker
- Edit Assistant - News & Features – CNBC – April 2022 – Present
 o Organize and curate incoming footage for specific projects ensuring content is labeled accordingly and can be used for upcoming feature productions.
o Edit feature episodes & promotional collaterals, weekly CNBC Sports compilations, as well as assisting the supervising editor with various tasks.
o Execute the correct paperwork and final steps for features content such as distribution masters and scripts.
o Act up as News Editor on the morning live broadcasts when required.
- Editor/Production Coordinator – OCAD University – Sept 2020 – April 2022 
o Develop weekly planning schedules for broadcast programing on OCADu Live.
o Coordinate and manage all submissions and archive folders for efficient retrieval and publishing of content.
o Create and edit any promotional content, manage production of two weekly series for the streaming platform.
- Video Editor – OCAD U CO – Nov 2021 – Mar 2022 
o Assembled an ongoing lecture series for postgraduates and to finalize each session in regard to their individual deadline
o Facilitated open communication with marketing, professors, and project coordinators to ensure content and style is in line with their vision.
o Executed videos within the WCAG 2.1 Guidelines generating closed captions and alternative text for viewers for greater accessibility.
- Proficient in Adobe Creative Cloud since 2016
- Proficient in Edius/Stratus since 2022
- Proficient in Microsoft Office since 2012
- Avid Writer/Performer since 2012
- Freelance Videographer and Photographer since 2015
- Bachelor of Fine Arts (Production) – OCAD University
- Bachelor of Arts – University of British Columbia – One Year Completed
- High School Diploma (Dramatic Arts) – Cawthra Park Secondary School
- Semester Abroad in Asia and Australia – MEI International Academy
REFERENCES: available upon request.
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