I am a graduate of the Integrated Media program at OCAD University and could not look more forward to utilizing the practices and skills I have acquired over the years into employable work. I grew up in the suburbs of Toronto, Ontario and have worked extensively on finding my voice and shaping my identity. But this is not a process that has some final conclusion to it, we are always shaping and molding ourselves as we grow and learn and I am eager to express these growing pains through creative work. I mainly work in TV and Film, immersive installations, and photography in order to make sense of the world around me and capture anything I can through a lens. 
I want to further push myself to explore new areas of interest and adapt to modern problems to create work that I am proud of and willing to share. I have strong passions to bring stories to the forefront that actually depict the wide horizons of the human experience and investigate the infinite realms of existence. I mainly work with themes regarding the sublime, time and space, queer narratives, and natural environments. There is inspiration all around us and all it takes is a moment of stillness to feel the most alive and present in your body. Join me on this journey as I tackle personal and vulnerable fears and anxieties in hopes of connecting with one another and to fully feel the weight of what it means to be alive.
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