New & Clear projector, mirrored canvas, archival footage
I decided to focus on the sensationalism of nuclear bombs found within contemporary culture and used archival footage of nuclear bomb explosions mostly from the 50s and 60s where testing was at its peak. I found it to be jarring to witness these videos that seemed to be purely objective and scientific at the mass and form of these explosions and did not consider the impact it was leaving on the environment or surrounding areas.The refraction on the wall is meant to evoke the neural pathways often depicted in mainstream media to symbolize the notion of the bomb being its own sentient entity that, once exploded, has a mind of its own in which human prevention is impossible, and the use of mirrored material and looped footage leaves the impression of a repeated, endless reality.


2019 | 2 projectors, laptop, speaker, 3 mirrors.

My goal with this installation was to capture the elements of space and the vacuum it exists in. Using the mirrors I wanted to create a movement that would loop in the space, distort the motion to add depth, and blur the edges of the room to make it feel boundless. The room was completely black and the only sound was a muffled wind and heavy bass to add an ominous presence to the experience.

"How do I get out of Here?"          

2019  | 3 projectors. one laptop, noise cancelling headphones, chair

This installation was an exploration into our internal psyches and how we exist within the world while battling identity and expectations. The goal here was so provide an isolated experience for the viewer to engage with the hypnotic motion of the looped waterfall and choosing how long and how much they wanted to interact. On one of the chairs was a set of headphones and playing in them was a track I compiled of various recordings I made expressing my struggles and vulnerabilities.

Infinite Scroll  1/3

2018 | Canon EOS Rebel, iPhone, 3 projectors

This installation was inspired by a piece of artwork I had done months previous depicting someone trapped in their phone and I wanted to respond to the work not so literally but show that the very devices that enable so much freedom actually work to control us. These three separate videos are each placed on a wall at one end of the room and continue on a loop. There are no light sources and no sound to enhance the emphasis of the phones screen and make the viewer feel uncomfortable acting as a kind of voyeur.

Infinite Scroll, 2/3

Infinite Scroll, 3/3

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